Acadia's Apocalypse: Book Three, Undying Love Series

(New Cover!)


In the pulse quickening continuation of the Undying Love Series, a massive horde of infected is discovered heading east‑‑straight toward King Farm. Meanwhile, the expeditionary volunteer force heading north, led by Acadia’s Cousin Sean and Bobby Winters, has gone off the grid after sending a cryptic distress message. Torn, Acadia faces the most difficult decision of her life. Does she stay to defend King Farm or go with Craig's team of soldiers to uncover the mysterious fate of her family? But when Rod turns up missing, Acadia's hard choice suddenly becomes easy. If only she's not too late for Rod, and for their love. Acadia’s Apocalypse, Book Three starts off at a run and doesn’t slow down until the last breathless word!


Coming Summer  2017!