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Family & Fortune

Preorder your copy of Family & Fortune, and prepare for the dangerously delicious fifth volume in The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod series.

Floating on drama-free air, Anabel is blissing out spending time with Luke Drake before the Las Vegas weddings. But their sensual idyll can’t last forever when, contrary to all the promises made in the ads, what happens in Vegas starts in Northfield. Soon Anabel is beset with strangers asking strange questions, jealous girlfriends, the irritatingly consistent foretelling of her future, fat cat whales, wedding havoc amongst the family, and a seriously freaky fan boy.

If Anabel doesn't play her tarot cards right, not even her talented Mr. Tricky may be able to alter the fortune destined to take her breath away--for good! 


*This steamy contemporary romance series was written for the entertainment of an adult audience and contains sexual situations, some strong language and mild violence.