A Date With Fate

A Date With Fate

*Note from author: This is an ongoing series that was written to be read in order and entertain adult audiences. Please do not read my books if you will be offended by sexual situations, sexual fantasies and role-playing you might not want to try at home, some swearing, some violence, tons of snarky humor, some ongoing plot lines throughout the series, no guarantees every relationship will end in HEA, and the occasional cliffhanger ending. Thank you and happy reading!


Tracy Ellen, USA Today Bestselling Author of smart, sexy, & seriously funny novels

"A Date With Fate"

Volume 1

The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod

An ongoing series packing plenty of heat, humor, and heart! if you're a fan of Sexy Contemporary Romance, Chick-Lit, Romantic Comedy, New Adult, or Romantic Suspense genres join hundreds of 5 STAR Reviewers and prepare to become captivated by a fabulously unique series!

Extremely wary of the true love concept, Anabel Axelrod is no Cinderella waiting for her Prince Charming to come sweep her off her high heels...Luckily for her, Luke Drake is no prince!

A small-town bookstore owner, Anabel is a happily single control enthusiast with quirky opinions and decided convictions. She has rules for everything in her life, especially for the men she dates.

But when Anabel goes out with the not too tall, seductively dark, and not too handsome Luke Drake, she is appallingly fascinated to find herself quickly addicted to his touch and practically panting after the alpha male like no man before in her extensive dating career.

Luke doesn't play by anybody's rules, especially Anabel's!

It doesn’t take a skittish Anabel long to conclude the mysterious new man in town is very tricky, and he seems determined to ruin their good thing, too. Anabel suspects Luke wants something more from her than the mind-blowing sexcapades they’ve enjoyed together so far. She’s beginning to worry he might also want to penetrate the wall around her well-guarded heart - and Anabel already knows from first hand experience that Mr. Tricky fights low-down, deliciously dirty to get what he wants!

Has Anabel Axelrod finally met her match? Or has Luke Drake met his?

Let the serious fun begin! In A Date with Fate, join Anabel and Luke, along with their friends, families (and a couple of bat-crap crazy relatives nobody really wants to claim as family) and embark on an enthralling, roller-coaster-ride of a weekend that could last a lifetime!

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