Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:


What are the best ways to hear about any Tracy Ellen preorders, new book releases, special deals, exclusive content, contests, or giveaways?

Subscribe to my newsletter. Like my Facebook Page. Follow me on Amazon and on BookBub.

I send a newsletter out around the 1st of every month. I post on my FB page pretty much every day during the week. (Hint, hint: I love to hear from other readers, writers, & bloggers.) I often have impromptu FB giveaways, opinion polls, and contests, as well.

For giveaways, I've added a new page to this website that includes all the current giveaways my books are involved in to view in one place. Click here for the current Tracy Ellen Giveaways. Oh, and good luck!

For newsletter members only, I do a Monthly Madness Giveaway that requires a special code to enter each month found only in my latest newsletter. The MM Giveaway prizes are Amazon eGift Cards in varying amounts. Join my newsletter for more info...

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When will A Wedding Written in the Stars, Volume 7.5 in The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod ongoing series be available for purchase?

A Wedding Written in the Stars is up for preorder sale everywhere. The release date on Amazon is 05/05/17 and 05/10/17 at all other bookseller sites.


When will Acadia's Apocalypse: Book Three, Undying Love series be available?

AA is available on preorder now and will be released on May 15, 2017 on Amazon and May 19, 2017 at all other bookseller sites. I've had to push the release date out on AA to make my other writing deadlines for other books. As a self-pubbed author, I'm still working on predicting release dates months in advance of what I actually get written. (Sometimes release dates will get changed because ultimately I'd rather give good book than quick book. ;) 


What else is happening in Tracy's book world?

I'm excited to announce I'm writing my first paranormal series titled The Witches of Tangletown. The first taste for readers in this steamy new series is a novella I've written for a multi-author, time travel genre collection titled "Make Time For Love." My new novella in the collection is titled "Kali."  The collection is on preorder everywhere now and publishing on May 01, 2017, so be on the lookout! I'll be continuing The Witches of Tangletown series and publishing 3 more full-length books, but more exact details on those books later...

p.s. Whenever a multi-author collection or box set is created there is a generic book cover designed for the entire box set, as in Make Time For Love's cover. Here is a sneak peek at the unique book cover for my book, Kali...shhh...

I'm also involved in another multi-author box set that will be published  August 2017 but has no title yet or generic book cover. Soon, though!  For this box set, I've written another new steamy, contemporary romance novella titled Beneath The Mask. (Below is a sneak peek at my unique book cover. I'm in love with this cover!) For those of you familiar with The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod and Love, Lies, & Ninja Missions series, Beneath The Mask novella is a stand-alone story about a strange, erotic time in the life of the character, Tre J . (Don't worry, Tre J is also having a full-length book in the Love, Lies, & Ninja Mission series. In fact, her complete love story will be Book 2 and is coming late this summer or early fall. But more on Tre J's exact book details later, as well!




And the next Anabel & Luke you ask?

I've been asked, told, threatened, begged, cajoled, implored, and bribed to never stop writing Anabel stories, and that was from just one fan! Our favorite couple will be returning soon in Honeymoon & Happenstance, Volume 8 in The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod ongoing series. Publishing in 2017, I think you'll agree the title says it all for now. ;)