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Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:


What are the best ways to hear about any Tracy Ellen preorders, new book releases, special deals, exclusive content, contests, or giveaways?

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I send an occasional newsletter out. I post on my FB page pretty often during the week. (Hint, hint: I love to hear from other readers & writers!)

For giveaways, check out Giveaway Heaven on the menu bar. This page is updated regularly with any giveaways or freebies being offered. Click here -> GIVEAWAY HEAVEN to check out the current giveaways. Good luck!

If you're a big fan of my books and want to be involved in my book world, an excellent choice is to join Tracy Ellen's Read & Review team, Opinion Minions. 

When will Acadia's Apocalypse: Book Three, Undying Love series be available?

After my personal life conspired in 2018 to royally mess with my writing schedule, Acadia's Apocalypse will be released in 2019. Again, I apologize profusely for the long delays in getting the 3rd installment of Acadia and Rod's story published.


And the next Anabel & Luke is coming when...exactly?

A Marriage with Mojo, Volume 9 in The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod ongoing series is releasing in Summerg 2019! (Exact date to come!)

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Books to anticipate (so far) from Tracy Ellen in 2019 (in order of release):

1. A Marriage with Mjo, Volume 9, The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod

2. Acadia’s Apocalypse: Book 3, Undying Love Series

3. Beneath The Mask: Book 2, Love, Lies, & Ninja Missions

4. Of Pleasures and Power, Volume 10, The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod

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