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Behind the mask, Tracy Ellen is your average, normal, middle-aged woman living dangerously through the characters she writes...and the voices in her head.

Tracy, the Woman…

I’m a happy wife, mother, and still totally blown away by the magical concept--grandmother of two of the cutest little chickadees in the world. When I am not living dangerously through the lives of my characters, I like planning the next exciting vacation. Sometimes, I even go on them. I love water, but should stay far away from it since I have a propensity toward drowning. (I've had near-death drowning experiences 4 times in my life. No lie. I'm like a frickin' mermaid-cat woman with nine lives!)  Similar to many Playboy models, whom I don't resemble in any shape or fashion, I also love long walks on the beach but at sunrise not sunset. (I've got much better things to do when its getting dark outside.) And I'm not talking walks on a deep, sandy beach at the ocean, unless it is a flat, hard-packed beach. I don't know about you, but it’s not my idea of fun to walk cockeyed at a steep slant or trudge long distances in deep sand. If I'm at the ocean, I prefer to amble along under the morning sun, collect awesome shells, and purely for future book research purposes, check out the size of men’s brains while freezing mine sucking down a frothy, ice-cold piña colada. (Yes, I drink my breakfast in the mornings while on vacation. Don't judge.)

 Tracy, the Writer…

Up until about 8 years ago, I'd always ruefully described myself as a Jill of All Trades, Mistress of None. After falling headlong in love with writing, you can imagine my amazed delight to have finally discovered my niche in life . The unexpectedness of this gift still leaves me breathless and quivering with gratitude. Now, when working on my books, I  still have to pinch myself to believe my life as a self-published author has evolved into a full-time career. Sure, it’s hard, lonesome work, but I enjoy every minute I spend in the worlds of my crazy characters. My mission as an author is to keep the mad passion going in every writing project I take on. I love reading many different genres and tend to go against all the rules to be a genre-masher in my writing, too. So, Darling Reader, you may see some strange ass stuff written by me in the future, BUT I swear to do my best to make every book you read a fun-filled adventure you won't want to put down. Mwah!

Now, enough about me...go read all of my books.