A Wedding Written in the Stars

The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod

Volume 7.5

( A Novella)


Touchingly Romantic! Outrageously Fun! Pantry Dropping Hot!


Two ruined wedding dresses later, a bloodied and bandaged Anabel still manages to arrive on time to Great Uncle Bennie's barn for her wedding to the deliciously sedcutive Luke Drake, positive nothing else could possibly go wrong now.

Quick, knock on the barn wood because the fates are not finished with Anabel yet! She still has the wedding extravaganza, the reception dance, and her favorite part--the much anticipated wedding night ahead of her, where the new bride will get the most shocking wedding present imaginable!

Did Anabel marry the man of her dreams, if she was the kind a girl who had wedding man dreams, or was marrying the dangerously mysterious Luke Drake the deadliest mistake of her life? A Wedding Written in the Stars will delight you and then stun you to the toes of your seriously sexy, high-heeled, fancy, wedding reception shoes!


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