Acadia's Law

Acadia's Law

(Acadia has a new cover!)


Acadia’s Law is the first book in the Undying Love Series, a science fiction/apocalypse-romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page!

Ask yourself: How would YOU survive a pandemic of ravenous crazies?

Acadia King is about to discover her inner badass when she is suddenly faced with answering this question, and in ways she could have never dreamed possible at the start of her evening. It has been two years since the death of her husband. Caving to the pressure from her good friends to go on a blind date, Acadia’s plans for a night of simple pleasures are about to get complicated. Not only does she meet a hot, younger football player named Rod, but the hotel is host to much more than a fun Casino Night. A vicious infection that turns people into homicidal crazies has begun to sweep across the Twin Cities.

Overnight, the pandemic tears loose the thin veneer of civilization. Threatened on all sides, Acadia silently vows to protect the family and friends she has left. Her promise is put to the test immediately, but the infected are not the only battle Acadia, Rod, and the other survivors will have to fight against. When greed, betrayal, and lawless chaos start to rule, Acadia finds out being badass is one thing, but does she have the skills and strength to be the leader their small band needs to survive? Or will it cost more than she has to give?

Acadia's Law, Book One Buy everywhere eBooks are sold

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Acadia's Apocalypse, Book Three coming  August 2017! (Preorder on iBooks and Nook)