Adieu to Destiny

Adieu to Destiny

"Adieu to Destiny"

Volume 4

The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod


Anabel's white lace fantasies have never been about weddings. When she and Luke Drake decide to wait on their decision to marry, Anabel is secretly relieved. Surrounded with crazed brides by day, and having nightmares of those predestined four babies at night, Anabel’s relief turns into outright panic at the thought of marriage. With a jealous murderess on the loose, big trouble brewing at Luke’s company, nonstop family togetherness, and horrifying black circles under her eyes, Anabel’s life is fast spiraling out of control. Soon Anabel discovers the lengths she is willing to go in the name of love, lust, and loyalty, even as she uncovers the dark depths others will sink.

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*This steamy contemporary romance series was written for the entertainment of an adult audience and contains sexual situations, some strong language and mild violence.