Perfect Take-Along Read for Your Summer Vacation! 

Box Set:

The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod

(Volumes 1-3)

What do you get when a brainy, blonde bookseller who’s a magnet for trouble meets a not too tall, deliciously dark, and definitely not handsome new man in town man operating under his own secret agenda? The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod ongoing series!

Welcome to Anabel’s world as she banters, spars, and drags her heels down the sometimes hilarious, sometimes treacherous, but always tantalizingly crooked path towards true love with the mysterious Luke Drake. From the first sparks of explosive attraction to the dreaded exclusive relationship, happily-ever-after has never been so elusively fun or so dangerously steamy!

Included in the Box Set are the full-length novels: A Date with Fate, Courted by Karma, and In Love by Design.

*Written for an adult audience

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