"Coupled with Chance"

Volume 6

The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod


Anabel is back…

Waking up in her bed, sluggish from being drugged, still single, and shocked senseless to be the surrogate mother of four little boys, Anabel returns home from Vegas swearing off destination weddings as much too stressful.

Upon discovering that Luke has a past he forgot to share with the kidnapper-wannabe vampire-killer, Kyle Koch, Anabel questions if her fiancé will ever get the concept of partnership.

Will Anabel take a chance to place her future happiness in the hands of a man with trust issues, even if those hands are magical? 

Anabel and Luke’s relationship will soon be put to the test. It will be trust or bust when the couple faces the demons from Luke’s past, the Tasmanian devil in Anabel’s family, and the hellishly darker side of parenting.

After reading Coupled with Chance you will never look at relationships between couples, families, and friends quite the same way again!

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*This steamy contemporary romance series was written for the entertainment of an adult audience and contains sexual situations, some strong language and mild violence.