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Coming in 2019!

Beneath The Mask

(Book 2 in Love, Lies, & Ninja Missions Series)

What does a twenty-eight-year-old virgin have in common with a private sex club?

A voluptuously beautiful early-bloomer, Tre J has been relentlessly chased by boys and men since she was a young girl. Determined to have a meaningful, deep relationship with a man, and not be treated as a sex toy to be won and then easily discarded, Tre J vows to stay a virgin until marriage. Since none of the real men in her adult life come near to providing the hot fantasies and guilty pleasures Tre J experiences when reading erotic romance novels, keeping her word isn’t too difficult. Besides, the dark desires Tre J dreams about are taboo for an average, normal, small-town girl, and never to be taken seriously or acted upon.

Or are they?

After years of always being the good girl while working hard to pay her way through college, and after the unwelcome shock of getting dumped by her last boyfriend, a frustrated Tre J decides it time for a vacation from real life. She wants to let loose and maybe open the door to explore the kinky side she’s kept deeply buried for years.

But when real life unexpectedly collides with her fantasy vacation, Tre J is suddenly faced with the question if following her secret desires has led her down the wrong path, or is it the life she’s been living for years that’s the imposter?

Beneath The Mask is Book 2 in the Love, Lies, and Ninja Missions Series, an enthralling, steamy contemporary romance written for an adult audience.


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