Five Minutes Late

Book Review by Tracy Ellen

March 2015 Newsletter

Title:      Five Minutes Late [Kindle Edition]

Author:  Rich Amooi

Genre    Romantic Comedy


What man can resist an inside- out beautiful, despite the serious clock issues, librarian heroine? What woman can resist a sometimes-goofy, sometimes-manly, but determinedly single, garlic-growing hero? Not Cedric and Ellie!

Five Minutes Late is a light-hearted romp of misunderstandings, bad timing, and even has a bad guy you really want to beat up. The vivid characters leap off the page. Cedric and Ellie’s banter is witty, Tony’s wisecracks will tear you up and Julio is a scream.

If you’re in the mood for a feel good read, I happily recommend Five Minutes Late by Rich Amooi. (Mr. A, are you absolutely positive there’s not a ‘R’ in that last name somewhere?)

Tracy’s INKlings newsletter member, Barb Tobis was randomly chosen to be gifted an Amazon eBook copy of Five Minutes Late by Rich Amooi.

Congratulations, Barb T, from Michigan, and happy reading!

Comment from Barb T: I look forward to reading "Five Minutes Late". I have read some of the books you have recommended and enjoyed them. One of the best was "Seven Days From Darwin" by John Buckland. Again, thank you.

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Broken World

Book Review by Tracy Ellen

March 2015 Newsletter

Title:      Broken World [Kindle Edition]

Author:   Kate L. Mary

Genre:     Fiction / Sci-Fi / Apocalyptic (Zombie)

Stripper, Rednecks, and Zombies--Oh No!

Oh Yes! Zombie books are generally the dominion of male writers, so I get a huge kick reading a well-written story by a female author from the heroine’s POV. Even more so if the heroine has no problems doing some ass kicking herself. Enter Vivian--a pre-apocalyptic stripper. Hot and confident on the outside, insecure and damaged inside, Vivian has been doing the best she can to escape a horrible, trailer trash childhood. Sounds pretty stereotypical, right? Maybe so, but this didn’t stop Broken World from grabbing my attention from the first word and not letting go.

A viral epidemic is raging through the eastern states, but, so far, Vivian has stayed healthy. Knowing she can succumb and die any day, Vivian is suddenly desperate to see the child she gave up for adoption years ago. On her road trip west, bad luck continues to plague Vivian. She is forced to join up with a couple of brothers, Angus and Axl. They are exactly the type of men she can’t seem to escape throughout her life-- brutally tough rednecks. As they journey westward, Vivian fights her inner demons and fights against her love-hate desire for Axl. Once they learn the hard way the government lied about the nature of the epidemic, the group is soon fighting zombies, too. Now the big question is not whether the virus will kill them, but how they will survive the dead people if it doesn’t.

Kate L. Mary is a new author for me, one I’m thrilled to have discovered. Fast paced and character driven, I happily recommend Broken World to zombie aficionados everywhere.

Tracy’s INKlings newsletter member, Kathy H. of Plainfield, Indiana was randomly chosen to be gifted an eBook copy of Broken World by Kate L. Mary.

Tracy E: Congratulations, Kathy, and happy reading!

Kathy H: Tracy, thank you so much!

Rambunctious Readers, doesn’t Broken World sound like an exciting read? Here’s a link to buy the eBook today. If you enjoy the book like I did, please support the author and leave a quick review on Amazon.


The Jakarta Pandemic

Book Review by Tracy Ellen

February 2015 Newsletter

Title:       The Jakarta Pandemic  [Kindle Edition]

Author:    Steven Konkoly

Genre:      Horror / Apocalyptic

Review by Tracy Ellen:

In my ongoing search for new zombie-apocalyptic novels to read, I ran across The Jakarta Pandemic. Intrigued by the blurb, I downloaded the sample and then immediately bought the book. I read nonstop to the end and loved it. FYI: There were no zombies in this story, but it didn't need zombies to be scary--the humans were frightening enough. This book is about a family that has prepared their home to live off the grid to a certain degree while staying within their community and neighborhood. When a catastrophe occurs in the form of a pandemic, Mr. Konkoly does a fantastic job in his portrayal of human nature and how quickly society breaks down to the haves and the have-nots. His depictions of the hard decisions to be made by those that plan and think ahead, and the resulting dramatic repercussions, are well-written and believably realistic. I highly recommend this exciting book. (I've also downloaded Konkoly’s The Perseid Collapse series and can't wait to dive in!).

Congratulations to newsletter member Christy K. She’s been gifted an eBook copy of The Jakarta Pandemic from yours truly.

Tracy's comments: Christy K., I hope you like this book as much as I did. If you do, maybe you’ll leave a review to recommend The Jakarta Pandemic to other readers, too. ☺



Neanderthal Seeks Human (Knitting in the City Book 1)

Book Review by Tracy Ellen

December 2014 Newsletter

Title:      Neanderthal Seeks Human (Knitting in the City Book 1) [Kindle Edition]

Author:  Penny Reid

Genre:    Contemporary Romance

Penny Reid's Neanderthal Seeks Human (Knitting in the City Book 1) was recommended to me as a funny and smart romantic story that only gets better with each book in the series. While it started out a tad slow, it soon got quirky and fun. The love scenes are pretty PG, but that’s okay sometimes, especially with a funny lead character like Janie. She is what makes this book stand out from your average dumped-girl-meets-even-hotter-new-guy-and-they-live-HEA. Janie is so fabulously left-brained it’s a wonder she can hold her head up straight. With the hot Quinn as her straight man hero, this makes for a chuckling fun read. 


The winner of the eBook gift is Darlene B. of Passaic, NJ. Congratulations!