Courted by Karma--The Next Adventure!


Available for purchase at  March 12, 2013


...and so is Luke Drake!

First it was Her Turn. Now it is His Turn.

Anabel’s life has gone from sizzling to red hot! Can she handle the heat?

Courted by Karma is the second volume in The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod and picks up where A Date with Fate left us hanging--Tuesday night at 11:59 PM.

After her last crazy few days, Anabel’s hell bent on having nothing but a good time during the traditional upcoming Axelrod Women Weekend. Cousin Layla and some friends are flying in from Florida for a visit. Despite Chief Jack’s warning not to call him this year if they end up in jail again, the women plan to rock the town!

But first our girl has to survive some Russians, some Mexicans, some Parents, Thanksgiving, and her biggest challenge ever…Luke Drake.

And Mr. Secretive has plans of his own.

Will it ever be Our Turn for Luke and Anabel, or is it her karma to get burned by the smokin’ hot flames?