Update! Name the Anabel Axelrod Beta Reader Contest

Hello, Everybody! Wow--there were some fun, creative names submitted in this contest over the last week! Being a dirty-minded woman, I have to admit it's tempting to name the new Anabel Axelrod Beta Readers the "MastaBeta's", as so kindly proposed by my even dirtier-minded friend. I don't think that's as bad as "Vi-brator-Betas", which she was really pushing for when we were sitting outside in lawn chairs last night at 2:00 am! (It works best to say "Vi-brator-Betas" in a southern accent.) I am also fond of SpankMeBetas, BUT, I have a sneaking suspicion some people may not want to admit they belong to such a group. I want everyone to be PROUD to be associated with me, not slouching and cringing in dark corners.  ;}


Here is a recap of the list of the wonderful entries posted on FB and my blog:

Anabel's BetaBelles

Bel's Book Babes



AWOLing for Anabel


Junior Jurors

Bel's Bookworms

Anabel's Sparklers

Little Black Bag

Anabel's Ass-kicking Authorettes (in training)

Anabel's Coffee Clutch

Axe AnaBelles

Bel's Betas

Review Gurus


Pact of Pontification



Bel's Bunch

Bel's Book Ninja's

Anabel's Avengers

Anabel's Bookstore Babes

Anabel's Bitchy Book Ladies

Axel Readers

These are all great, and I thank each and every one of you for taking the time to enter your ideas! I've narrowed it down to four, but am having a heck of a time choosing the ultimate winner. PLEASE assist indecisive me by commenting on your top choice from the four listed below. One vote, per person. It's totally okay to vote for your own. I'll announce the winner on Wednesday night, August 13. I'll be the tie-breaking vote, if necessary, as well.

Here are the four choices for the Anabel Axelrod Beta Reader Group contest, in no particular order. Cast your vote now by commenting on FB or blog post!

1. Axe AnaBelles

2. Fanabels

3. Bel's Book Ninja's

4. Anabel's BetaBelles



:) Tracy Ellen