Girly Girl Giveaway Friday 5/15 - Sunday 5/16/15

Have you heard Family & Fortune is available for preorder now and will be released on 07/02/15? Let's celebrate!!

Reserve your copy at the sale price of $2.99 and then come to my FB page and post "Done". You'll be automatically entered into the random drawing on Monday, 5/18/15 for a chance to win an autographed paperback or a book bag.

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Hey, Ninjas!

Bel's Book Ninjas should have received an email from me today with their chapters of Family & Fortune to beta read.. ( I look forward to your feedback. Thanks!


Monday Morning Kick Off

Thanks to everybody out there that downloaded a Free eBook copy of Acadia's Law this past weekend.  All day on Saturday and Sunday, Acadia was rated on Amazon at #1 and 2 for the most downloads in Sci-Fi/Post-Apocalyptic genre, and at #6 for Horror!

 It was a most  successful weekend for spreading the word of Acadia's Law. Now I get to hope for some positive reviews. Wish me luck!

Newsletter Contest is Over!

I want to thank everyone for the fun entries contributed to name my newsletter. There were a lot of good ones, so I compliment you all for making it tough on me to choose just one. The contest ended yesterday and the winner of the $50 Amazon Gift Card will be announced in the February Newsletter edition---coming real soon!

It's official, I have a new web site!

Welcome to my new web site. Please browse around and post a comment to say "Hi!", You can sign up by email to follow my blog posts. I have a newsletter now, so don't forget to subscribe before you leave. I plan on adding a lot more fun stuff, so come back and visit me often. 


Tracy Ellen

Friday Fun FB Giveaway WINNER!

Cupcakeimages (34) The winner of my first ever Friday Fun Facebook Giveaway of an autographed paperback of your choice of any of my published books is.....Oh, wait! Did I ever tell you what my second favorite thing I like best about being an author? I am my own boss. Now I get to make  arbitrary decisions like all bosses do. You know, those decisions that make no sense, but the boss tells everyone at a meeting that it's good for the big picture, so quit whining and suck it up?

Mary Ann, Bonnie, Shauna, Barbara, Cheryl, Mary M, Laura, Cyndy, Marian, Kelly, Jeff-Martha, Carol, Kirstie, Pamela, Melissa--COME ON DOWN! All 15 of you are winners!


Email me or PM me with your mailing address. (Please make it easier on me and include your choice of book again in your message. ;} )



Friday Fun Facebook Giveaway today on my page!

Here's how my first ever FFF Giveaway works! Comment on this facebook post today, Friday August 29th, 2014. In your comment, say your choice of my published books you would like for your personal book collection should you win the giveaway. I will throw all the names of the people who comment into a hat and pick a winner. (All that I ask is you promise to give my book a good home and treat it like your own, okay?) Friday Fun Facebook Giveaway is open until 11:59 PM tonight!


I have a big stack of books being sent out tomorrow to the winners of my recent Acadia's Law Blog Tour and Goodreads Giveaway. I will add the autographed paperback choice of today's FFF Giveaway winner to the happy pile and mail it tomorrow, too!

Here is a list of those recent winners from my Blog Tour and Goodreads. <claps in delight at all those states from Florida to Washington> Congrats to them all, and thanks for signing up!

Rachael S in WA, Elizabeth H in FL, Mary B in GA, Kim K in WY, Janan C in IL, Lesa N in KY, and Hyacinth P in CA

(Were you one of those nerdy kids like me growing up that spun a globe, closed your eyes tight, and planted a finger on the spot you were going to visit, live, work, explore, or have exciting adventure at the minute you were 18!? Yeah, pretty damn cool, right?)


Anabel Axelrod PreOrder Available on Nook & iTunes!

Adieu to Destiny, Volume IV in the ongoing series The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod is now available for PreOrder at Barnes & Noble and iTunes Books! (PreOrders made before 11/12/14 guarantee the bonus price!  Are you a Kindle reader? Don't worry! Adieu to Destiny will also be available at Amazon for PreOrder in October!

PREorder  Link to Barnes & Noble

PREorder Link to iTunes





Never PREordered? No problem, it's simple.

At your bookseller site, One-click on the eBook you're PREordering--as you would do if buying. YourPREorder is recorded at the PREorder price offered, but you are not charged for the book yet. The day the eBook is officially released at that bookseller site, you will be charged and the book added to your reading device.






Excitement in Book World!


I thought I'd share a couple pieces of exciting news going on in my world of writing and self-publishing...

First of all, I am giddy as hell because Amazon announced they are now granting self-published authors the opportunity to advertise their upcoming new eBooks for pre-order sales! Pre-orders sales have been a huge--HUGE--edge that published authors have over the self-published authors at Amazon. Leveling that playing field somewhat is fantastic news for us little guys. (Within the past few months, Smashwords offered self-published authors the ability to put their eBooks up for pre-order sales at B&N/Nook and iTunes books. You go, Mark Coker! )

And the second piece of fun news? The fourth book in the ongoing series of The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod is going to soon be up for pre-order sales at Barnes & Noble/Nook and iTunes/books. It will be available on Amazon/Kindle, too, but that will take another month or so.

For Anabel fans, here's a sneak peek of the new book cover. I'll keep you posted when Adieu to Destiny is available for pre-order sales. I am sure Ms. Wheeler-Dealer Axelrod will want to offer a pre-order promotion you simply can't pass up! :}

Front Cover Adieu to Destiny 081714


Stay in touch! Like my Facebook Page!


The WINNER of the Name the Beta Reader Group....



Congratulations, Melissa Weaver!!  Love that name! I have sent you an email to talk prizes. ;}

I will post more about Bel's Book Ninjas and how to sign up to be a BBN beta reader for the fourth book in The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod in a few weeks.

My thanks to everyone for contributing and joining in the fun to name the beta readers--you guys are some kind of creative peeps!

Tracy Ellen



Acadia's Law Blog Tour Starts Today!


Blog Tour Schedule and Giveaway Sign up

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Update! Name the Anabel Axelrod Beta Reader Contest

Hello, Everybody! Wow--there were some fun, creative names submitted in this contest over the last week! Being a dirty-minded woman, I have to admit it's tempting to name the new Anabel Axelrod Beta Readers the "MastaBeta's", as so kindly proposed by my even dirtier-minded friend. I don't think that's as bad as "Vi-brator-Betas", which she was really pushing for when we were sitting outside in lawn chairs last night at 2:00 am! (It works best to say "Vi-brator-Betas" in a southern accent.) I am also fond of SpankMeBetas, BUT, I have a sneaking suspicion some people may not want to admit they belong to such a group. I want everyone to be PROUD to be associated with me, not slouching and cringing in dark corners.  ;}


Here is a recap of the list of the wonderful entries posted on FB and my blog:

Anabel's BetaBelles

Bel's Book Babes



AWOLing for Anabel


Junior Jurors

Bel's Bookworms

Anabel's Sparklers

Little Black Bag

Anabel's Ass-kicking Authorettes (in training)

Anabel's Coffee Clutch

Axe AnaBelles

Bel's Betas

Review Gurus


Pact of Pontification



Bel's Bunch

Bel's Book Ninja's

Anabel's Avengers

Anabel's Bookstore Babes

Anabel's Bitchy Book Ladies

Axel Readers

These are all great, and I thank each and every one of you for taking the time to enter your ideas! I've narrowed it down to four, but am having a heck of a time choosing the ultimate winner. PLEASE assist indecisive me by commenting on your top choice from the four listed below. One vote, per person. It's totally okay to vote for your own. I'll announce the winner on Wednesday night, August 13. I'll be the tie-breaking vote, if necessary, as well.

Here are the four choices for the Anabel Axelrod Beta Reader Group contest, in no particular order. Cast your vote now by commenting on FB or blog post!

1. Axe AnaBelles

2. Fanabels

3. Bel's Book Ninja's

4. Anabel's BetaBelles



:) Tracy Ellen



"Name Anabel Axelrod's Beta Reader Group" Contest!



I'm starting a beta reader group for my upcoming fourth book in The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod series. The group needs a seriously cool name before I can go any further. Sounds like a good time for a contest to me!

download (1)


1. "Name Anabel Axelrod's  Beta Reader Group" Contest will run from today--Sunday, 8/03/14 through next Saturday, 8/09/14.

2. Submit your entry by replying on this FB post or by commenting on this BLOG POST. (A multiple entry winner, if chosen, would be determined by the first time/date it was posted.)

3. "Name Anabel Axelrod's Beta Reader Group" contest winner will be selected by me next Sunday, 8/10/09. I will post the winning name on both FB and my blog, and notify the winner by personal message or email.


Open to the world at large! The winner will receive an autographed paperback of one of my books of their choice, (US only) OR a $15 gift card to Amazon or B&N (US/International)

Oh yeah,  what the heck IS a Beta Reader Group?

In my case, Anabel Axelrod's beta reader group will be people who are interested in reading my new, fourth manuscript in TAoAA when I am about halfway done. After reading, they would answer some questions to share their insights, viewpoints, and suggestions with me regarding the newest book. (Never fear, I will post more on the exact details regarding this new beta reader group later on--after the naming contest!)